MIEREDU : Flash Cards - Feelings & Emotions


12 available

  • Lovingly designed for toddlers and preschoolers, this set of flash cards on feelings and emotions themes is to help children sense different feelings people have.  Each card is printed on thick eco-friendly card.  Full of fun educational activities designed to help children recognise different feelings and emotions, and to help them talk about how they might be feeling.
  • Packed in a handy slide-in box, these cards are easy to carry and store.
  • Parent can do various learning activities such as counting objects using these cards.


  • develops cognition and common sense
  • easy to store and carry
  • printed with vegetable inks with laminated craft
  • round corner cut to care
  • for age 3+
  • conforms to high standards of safety

Developmental Core

  • Cognition
  • Communication

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