MR MARIA Snuffy Dog First Light Lamp


3 available

Inspired by his own beloved dog, Dick Bruna created the character Snuffy. Because of her, the colour brown was officially added to the Dick Bruna palette. We chose yellow as the character colour of our Snuffy night light because it suits her playful and adventurous spirit. Don’t you just love her happy, patient smile?

​These soft, small and chargeable lamps follow your little one around with ease. In the car, in a plane, to a sleepover, camping and on holiday. These lamps will be smiling and shining wherever your loved one may be. In the early morning, these lamps will be the very first friendly face they see. Every once in a while the lamps may need a little sleep to recharge, but they are always there for their friend’s nightly adventures and all their dreamy secrets to keep. 

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