JANOD Tactile Cards - Savannah


3 available

Peek through the leaves of the tree to discover which wild animal wants to say hello. With the Savannah Tactile Cards form Janod your little ones will explore, marvel and learn more about the world around them through touch.
Each FSC cardboard page measures 16 x 18 cm, a large size that allows babies aged over 12 months to grasp them easily. Take them on safari by having them stroke a lion, a monkey, a giraffe, an elephant, a parrot or even a crocodile!  Large areas of different textures allow little hands to become familiar with different materials - the soft mane of the lion or the rough skin of the crocodile.
The set of 6 animal cards are bound by a removable ring to keep the cards together and carry them around easily.

All Janod toys are designed in France and manufactured to strict quality and safety standards, meeting both European and Australian requirements.

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