BABIATOR Aces Navigator - White Frames Green Lenses


1 available.

Babiator Kids Sunglasses stockist

These Navigators are styled to fit your Awesome 7-14 year old. Aces Shades give 100% UV protection and they have super durable rubber frames so you don’t need to stress about breaking these shades. And even if something does happen to them and they break or get lost, Babiators will replace them!

What can you expect from Aces Shades:
100% UVA and UVB sun protection
Rubber frames that flex and bend to fit your Ace’s face
Super durable and flexible
Impact and shatter-resistant lenses
Includes a sunglasses bag and lens cloth
Guaranteed for 12 months against breakage or loss
Sized for you
Fit most 7-14 year olds.
Fit varies from person to person depending on head size.

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