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Packed with Features:
  • Your child's first mobile phone - requires a NANO SIM card with data, GPRS & caller display functions from any service provider
  • Or get a NANO SIM from ALDImobile (Pay As You Go card costs $15, or $25, with 365 days expiry)
  • Download the APP SeTracker2 onto parent’s phone or use computer GPRS platform
  • Uses GPS + AGPS + LBS +WiFi Location on map so you can track your child in real time
  • Two-way Voice Calls
  • Two-way Video Calls
  • Messaging / Voice Chat, so you can send short text messages to the watch
  • The KidoCall cannot send texts, but can read them and send voice clips in return (Voice Chat)
  • WiFi, BT
  • Camera – take photos with the watch & save them to Gallery
  • Phone book – parent controlled list of up to 15 authorized contacts, non-authorized calls are blocked
  • School Mode – disable all calls, notifications, alarms & sounds during class times
  • Intercom – max 15 seconds voice clips
  • Health – pedometer, distance, calories, sleep monitor – data recorded in the APP
  • Class Schedule – set timetable schedule in the APP 
  • Games – arithmetic games in 3 levels on the watch 
  • Rewards – send rewards from the APP to your child for chores done, good behavior.
  • Safe Zones – you can set up to 3 safe zones in the APP and you will receive notifications when your child moves out of these areas
  • SOS Emergency Call – set 3 numbers in the APP & if your child presses the SOS button for 3 seconds these numbers are called continuously until answered
  • Multiple Alarms – you can set up to 3 different alarm clocks with repeat frequency daily/weekly e.g. medicine reminders, homework reminders
  • Low Battery Alerts – reminders in the APP that the watch needs charging
  • Note that the watch is the same as a mobile phone & should be charged every night
  • Two parents can both be linked to one KidoCall watch
  • And one parent can have 2 or more KidoCall watches linked to the APP on their phone
  • Remote Shutdown – after the watch has been turned on, it can’t be shutdown accidentally or deliberately by pressing the button; only the APP can force the watch to shut down remotely
  • Multiple Home Screen designs to choose from – up to 8
  • Connect with friends who have KidoCall and share photos & voice clips
  • IP67 waterproof, which is splash proof for daily use; can be immersed in stationary water; not for swimming or showering


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