DJECO Mini Méli-Mélo Tinyly Observation Card Game


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A game of Méli Mélo revisited with refined gold touches. Over the course of a game, players sharpen their sense of observation and dive into the sweet, imaginative world of the Tinyly. What a pleasure to find the images of all the miniature figurines, companions and accessories from the collection!

Players: 2-5 Players

Deal out 5 cards to each player. The rest of the cards make up the pile. The pack of cards is placed face down in the centre of the circle of players. The first player turns the first «meli-melo» card and places it face up in the centre. Each player must pay particular attention to his hand and the «meli-melo» card. Players must rapidly spot whether or not one of their own cards represents one of the items on the meli-melo card. The quickest player wins if his card does indeed represent one of the items on the «meli-melo» card. This way the player gets rid of his card. If not, he takes the card back and must pick 2 extra cards as a penalty. The other players take back their cards and each player in turn turns another «meli-melo» card, and so on and so forth. At the end of the deck of «meli-melo» cards, turn them over and start again.

Contents: 65 cards (13 large cards and 52 Tinyly cards)

Step into the wonderful world of Djeco's Tinyly.  

Suitable for ages: 4+ years


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