MOULIN ROTY Autour du monde Pelican


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The stuffed pelican is my all-time fave and one of the most spectacular stuffed animals in the collection from around the world. Soft like few others, with a fur that looks like down and fabric of the highest quality, this cuddly toy will not go unnoticed, neither for you nor for the little ones. It is so divine we recommend you care for it as a keepsake. 

Dimensions: 39 x 35 x 25cm.

Like a journey to the four corners of the world, the Autour du monde collection takes us on a journey of discovery of astonishing animals with fascinating tentacles, scales and fur. They invite us into the depths of the sea, into the air and onto the earth, attracting the curious and the contemplative of all species. It’s an incredible journey into the animal world that you can experience from your bedroom, under the reassuring gaze of these wild companions who will happily let you pet them… This year, the journey continues, highlighting the incredible diversity of the animal world to children and parents alike.


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