MOULIN ROTY Les Rosalies - Anemone Rag Doll


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Moulin Roty Australia stockist | Anemone Rag Doll

Tender and sophisticated, Anemone is perfect to accompany any little girl for playing and for decoration. A rag doll to dress, to take out and about and to cuddle. Infinitely delicate, her gentle face both illustrated and printed, with pretty powder pink cheeks and long red hair in rolled jersey. Dressed in gorgeous little boots with satin ribbons, light fabrics with fresh country patterns, frilled dress, all reminiscent of the dreamy back-to-the-country romantic fashion of the 1970s80s. Anemone bears the name of a flower. 

The mix of materials and fabrics offers endless curiosities to the touch. Dress her up, make her dance, chat, play.  Thanks to her large size, thin legs and long hair, she is easy to catch and can be installed in a thousand and one ways ... which will only develop the child's imagination!

Height: 57cm

For child: 18month+

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