Where to Find the Best Play Pouch

Looking for a functional yet adorable play pouch for your little one? Then look no further as Juno Boutique have a high-quality range of play pouches designed to provide maximum efficiency when it comes time to pack up after playtime.

With its unique design, you and your child can enjoy playtime without any tears or hassle when it comes to packing up time. Just simply spread the play pouch out across the desired play area and it turns into a play mat where all your child’s toys will stay in one place. When fully opened up the play pouch is approximately 145cm in diameter.

When it comes time to pack up, just simply pull on the drawstring and all the toys will be instantly packed away.The play pouch is designed to take the stress out of packing up once playtime is over and at the same time encouraging children to actively pack up their toys in a very quick and easy way. Once everything is packed up, just simply hang it up somewhere and it’s all ready for the next play time.

Juno Boutique has a variety of play pouches with patterns including glitter gold dots, triangles, crosses and honeycomb. If a plain colour is more your style, then they come in captain blue, colonel mustard, emerald city green and blush pink. All the play pouches are made from strong and durable cotton canvas and have a zip pocket compartment which is designed for smaller toys and items.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to pack up after playtime while also encouraging your child to actively pack up after themselves, then visit Juno Boutique to get your very own unique play pouch. Visit their website for more information and also to look at their extensive range of children’s accessories.