Where to find saltwater sandals in Australia for kids

As the cold winds die down and the warm embrace of summer approaches us, it’s getting to that time when you have to start updating your kids’ wardrobe. Sandals have always been the footwear of summer and are a perfect choice for children as they can endure the adventurous life your kids lead and they look amazing. So, for this upcoming summer here is where to find the best saltwater sandals in Australia for kids.

For the classic sandal for your kid, look no further than Juno Boutique. Our Sun-San Surfer sandals are ideal for this summer as they are made from durable and premium leather, and have a flexible rubber sole designed perfectly for the active lifestyle of children. The sandal moulds to the shape of the wearer’s foot to create a comfortable and perfect fit the more your child wears it. They come in different colours, have rustproof buckles and are completely fine getting wet, so they are perfect for a day on the beach.

Toddlers don’t get left out as well as we have our Sun-San Sea Wees sandal which is the mini version. With an extra slit in the toe strap and added flex, this sandal provides extra flexibility for any toddler learning to walk.

If you’re looking for a wider fit, our Sun-San Sailor sandals have the solution. They have a closed toe design and a lightweight sole which provides extra cushioning. Your child will have no problem running around and exploring in complete comfort while your mind will be at ease knowing that our sandals are water friendly, scuff-resistant and uniquely stylish.

Make sure your kids are wearing the right footwear by getting them the perfect sandals for this summer by checking out our unique range of saltwater sandals.